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I was spending the night with her watching TV. There was a scene of wild fucking on the screen. Several guys were raping a young girl, while she screamed. I was becaming aroused, while she kept her eyes on what was happening at the film. She was breathing faster, and I wondered if she was getting aroused too. I knew she loved to turn boys on. Once she told me that while playing with a friend, she suddenly noticed a hardness on his groin, and she kept the game. The poor guy, tried to touch her breasts, and she stepped back laughing at the sight of his erection. Now, I felt my own, and turned towards her. She weared an almost opened blouse, and her gorgeous breasts were almost exposed, moving up and down slowly. I could imagine her pointed nipples through her thin bra.and I found it hard to look away.

— I bet many boys would like to make love with you…

She thought I was joking and smiled at me.

–They are idiots…

I came close to her, and placed my arm over her shoulders letting my hand stray down and touched the side of her right breast. She did not move,altough her breathing stopped for a second. She stared at me surprised, but just moved a little apart. Then I placed my hand over her breast and caressed it slowly, while kissing her neck, She breathed slower, and I moved my hand downward, slipping beneath the neck of her opened blouse.

– What… what are you doing?… She seemed stunned and she tried to pull my hand off

I stared at her lovely breasts, and she noticed my lure eyes watching them. She placed her hands over the chest trying to hide them from my lustful sight. I bended over her searching for her lips, but she turned her head, and tried to appart me with her hands. She tried to push my mouth away when I increased the pressure, but I grabbed her wrists and placed them down.Then I started to undid the buttons of her blouse one at a time. As each button was released, a bit more of her smooth skin was revealed until just the cupped bra covered her gorgeous breasts. My hand slid under her left breast and cupped it, squeezing lightly, working around in slow circles. She gasped and tried again to pull free. I slipped my fingers into the cup, pulling her breast up so the nipple was in the clear. Then, I took off all the bra. There were AryÂŽs naked, fabulous, gorgeously rounded , exposed breasts.

–What do you want?…I dont like this…leave me..– she said softly trying to resist, but I squeezed gently her pointed nipples, which hardened against my fingers.

–No… donÂŽt touch me…donÂŽt..–Ary watched my hungry eyes roam over her tits. She tried to stand up. I ignored her, and began sucking at each nipple, drawing the flesh into my mouth, pinching it out from the breast. I slid my tongue up and down across the nipple, cupping it firmly. My hand slid down her body feeling her warm flesh.

–No! No!…leave me!!.. Get away from me, , let me goâ?Š– she whispered , turning her head from side to side.

–YouÂŽll see how nice it is going to be…just relax… donÂŽt moveâ?Šyou are going to enjoy itâ?Š

–Please-she moaned-please, let me go,â?Š please, please dont…. dont do this,..no….

I couldnÂŽt wait any longer. I pressed her over the sofa. She was lying down, with her beautiful exposed body at my sight. She tried to escape, but I turned her towards me. She noticed the big boulging in my trousers. I was having a monstrous erection.

–No…no… -she watched it and instinctively pressed her knees together,.

–LetÂŽs move from here…–I grabbed her and moved to the bedroom. She didnÂŽt resist but suddenly she became wild

–No..donÂŽt do it, please… no…no…

I placed her gently over the bed, and started to rip off her clothes, leaving her nude.She gasped , while I cupped her breasts,and opened my zip showing my big cock pointed towards her. She watched it mesmerized. I rolled Ary over on her back. Then I spread her legs open.

–Oh, God… no, please, no..–. She tried to close her legs. I bended over her pressing my cock against her lower belly and started to rub it against her. She could feel my growing hardness

–No…No…this is rape…please, leave me, please…

She kept watching my stiff cock approaching her.

–Please…donÂŽt…ItÂŽs so big…oh,God…

My hands massaged her breasts. Her nipples were erecting fastly. I noticed that her legs were not crossed anymore, she was not fighting any longer… She gazed deeply into my eyes. Then I holded my cock and approached it gently into her. She let out a moan as I pressed my cock harder against her clit

–Ohhh…no, no, …-she whispered

Then, I thrusted myseld deeply inside her, then pulled out, and once more in. I kept this rhytm pacing at deeper strokes at every push, in and out, in and out…


–Uaahh.. uaahh, uaauu….-I groaned with huge pleasure.I was fucking my always desired baby, I never thought it was going to be like this.

–No, no..- she said softly staring at me with lure eyes. She had never being fucked in this way, she always thought of something different, but not like this. My rhythm began to build and she just lay there, moaning quietly, gasping.

— How do you like it?

–Oh…keep doing, donÂŽt stop.. donÂŽt stop…-She locked her legs around me and started to move up and down, rhytmically with my pumping. She bucked her hips upward to meet me.

— Oh God, keep doing… yeah…yeahhh…

–Yeahh..I like it,I like iiitt –I gasped at every thrust

–More, mooore.. aahhh…auaaahhh-she yelled while arching in wild pleasure as a huge orgasm shaked her body.

Later, as her muscles relaxed, Ary turned towards me, grabbing my still stiffened shaft , and began shaking it rhythmically.

— We ought to be ashamed of ourselves but now you are going to fuck me again…like a whore…

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